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Food is a beautiful part of our daily lives! Apart for the obvious necessity of food needed to survive. Food embodies celebration and bringing people together.

For Life For Living For the Joy of Cooking” is my tag line which aptly describes my incredible food journey of 25 years and my absolute passion for food!

Good food is not about hours and hours of forgive the cliché “slaving in the kitchen” No not at all how can anything related to the word “slave” be enjoyable!

Good food is about the love of cooking, it about the time taken to decide what you want to cook, it is about been aware of your seasons, enjoy shopping for fresh and local ingredients and finally sitting down and savouring that dish and sharing it with family and friends

In a nutshell Good Food is about the care and love of food 365 days a year!

My book is not only about special occasions but about celebrating good eating every day. I am a professional chef so my culinary skills are tested each day to the highest level as we cater for all kinds or events from a corporate banquette dinner for 800 pax, to 7 course degustation dinner for 20 pax, to casual Lamb Spit Braai for 60 pax, to an elegant canapé cocktail event for 300 pax.

The most important thing regardless of the occasion is to keep it simple, fresh and of course delicious. Don’t over complicate flavours and tastes!

Cooking is like anything in life, you get out what you put in! If you start with good quality, fresh local produce and learn to bring out the best in it, without “slaving in the kitchen” you will have created something fantastic and proud of this!

The recipes in my book are born out 25 years of cooking and these are tried, tested, honest cooking and won’t let you down. If you follow my lead, I assure you, a dish that will be delicious and that you will be proud to serve to your family and friends.

Happy Cooking



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